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There used to be a time when handshakes and landmarks were agreeable to neighbors as understood boundary lines. In today's litigious society such an understanding is no longer sufficient.

With property values rising and land being such a valuable and scarce commodity, in conjunction with the influx of new residents and developers coming to the county, protecting what is yours would seem to be a logical decision to make if offered the opportunity.

"We hope the relative value of this service, as opposed to the headache, frustration and legal costs of adverse boundary line issues will appeal to you in protecting the integrity of your most valued asset, your land. Be certain to insure yourself against those who may try to claim what is rightfully yours by calling our office today to schedule the beginning of your boundary line maintenance program."  -Shelly & Lane Bishop


Surveying Since 1978

Lane Bishop & Associates. was up and running in 1978 and has been running for about 38 years now. We provide all types of land surveys, both residential and commercial. When we work with builders and construction companies, siteplans are prepared with the use of check lists to make sure all the details are taken into consideration per requirements of both state and local government officials. Lane and his team have surveyed thousands of acres here in the Tri-State area. His years of experience and high integrity creates an expert witness in many land disputes resulting in premium resolutions.

Our Professionalism

Lane Bishop & Associates. only employs competent engineers and staff to insure the best output for each and every project. Our team of surveyors work hard together to provide each of our trusted partners and clients the best output that no other land engineering and surveying companies can offer.

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Why Work with Us

Lane Bishop & Associates. is the only company in Fannin county that has survived the recession and economic downfalls that hit the community in past years. We find that with our many years in business, trust and accurate work is the key to our clients choosing us. All our associates and team members are trained by our very own CEO's, Lane & Shelly Bishop. The office staff will help you decide what type of survey you will need based on what you are trying to accomplish (for example: purchase and due diligence research on the property, new construction, renovation, fence installation, flood insurance purchase, etc). Field crews can help you identify the property corners, walk with you along the property lines, and answer any questions you might have right there in the field if they are able to. We all work together to provide the very best outcome to your project.

Careers and Opportunities

Certificates & Associations

Lane S. Bishop & Associates have a combined 50 years experience as well as currently registered in 5 states as licensed surveyors.
  • GSWCC Design Certified #80 & 81
  • GSWCC Certified Trainer #52 & 53
  • GA RLS Certified #1575 & #2536
  • TN RLS Certified #1324
  • AL RLS Certified #13574
  • NC RLS Certified #L-2745
  • SC RLS Certified #8982

Why Choose Lane Bishop & Associates

The ultimate goal is providing you, the client with the best overall service from start to finish.

  • We've been in business since 1978
  • Registered in five states
  • Competitive rates for all jobs
  • We are a family run business
  • Qualified office personel, field crew and survey techs
  • Best overall service from start to finish
  • We enjoy our work, meeting new people and visiting different locations

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