Boundary Line Maintenance

Boundary Line Maintenance

Join our boundary line maintenance program and get annual or bi-annual inspections, pictures and reports of your property. Prevent a problem before it happens.

Probably the most important “duty” a landowner should undertake is the delineating and maintenance of property lines. This is imperative when undertaking a timber harvest. It also can be helpful if there are any trespass issues. Knowing where your property is located on the face of the earth can go a long way for a landowner’s peace of mind.

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Boundary Line Maintenance

Once boundary lines are established, they should be maintained bi-annually or annually depending on the property, or so to ensure that surveying will not become necessary again. Well established and identified boundary lines are important to all landowners. Far too often boundaries are given a low priority by owners and this can be a very costly mistake. Establishing boundary lines is a very good investment. It's important to know exactly what land you own and what land belongs to your neighbor.

Although establishing boundary lines can be expensive, it is money well spent. You’ll know exactly what you own! Your property will also be more marketable should you decide to sell it. As well, with the lines cut out and marked, you can manage it from boundary to boundary without wondering if you are on your neighbor’s land.

Our boundary line maintenance program ensures your lines are visible year round and is a cost effective add on to your survey.

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