Boundary Surveys

Boundary Surveys

Lane S. Bishop & Associates has a reputation for attention to detail and ability to clearly and concisely exhibit our findings on a boundary line survey is second to none if you have a single boundary line in question that requires a survey.

 A Boundary Line Survey by Lane S. Bishop & Associates can offer you peace of mind in knowing that the location of your once questionable boundary line or lines are now firmly established to meet all national, state and local laws. We are also a contractor for the United States Forestry Service.

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Conflict Resolutions

A land surveyor is an independent, licensed professional who researches property descriptions and deeds, conducts physical lot line assessments and marks land boundaries with standing corner markers in accordance with all applicable local, state and national laws. Hiring a land surveyor is the only legally acceptable way to definitely establish true property lines. If a property boundary conflict escalates to the point where the courts are involved, a land survey will be court-ordered.

A home and the surrounding land is usually a family's biggest single investment, making it important for homeowners to know exactly where their property starts and ends. Lane Bishop & Associates can set the record straight when it comes to establishing legally binding property lines, preventing both costly legal disputes and irreversible damage to neighborhood relations.

Court Ordered Surveys

Any time a neighbor starts to build on what you think is your property, step over for a chat and find out what is going on. Most likely, a mistake has been made. There may be a conflicting description in the neighbor's deed or just a wrong assumption about the line. You may even discover that neither one of you is really sure where the boundary is.

When a boundary line is not clear and the neighbors can't agree, a few states have statutory procedures allowing one neighbor to ask a state court (regular court, not small claims court) to settle the line. This will probably involve a new court-ordered survey and will be expensive. Permanent boundary monuments or survey markers are protected by state law. A marker may be a naturally occurring landmark, such as a tree. Or, a surveyor may place iron stakes or small brass caps in the ground to officially mark the property line.

Mortgage Surveys

Before purchasing a home, or indeed any piece of real estate, it is important to investigate the condition of the property. This does not simply mean walking around the property to take a look at it. In fact, most of the facts that comprise the condition of the property can’t actually be seen this way. Your methods of determining the true condition should range from a physical inspection to uncover any work needing to be done, to an official land survey of the property.

A mortgage survey is one type of survey you might have done on a piece of property you want to purchase. While a physical inspection focuses on the condition of the building, a mortgage survey investigates the property itself. A mortgage survey is a type of property survey that can reveal a lot of information on possible problems. Other property surveys will reveal differing levels of information. Lane Bishop & Associates can advise you which type of property survey would meet your needs.

Topographical Surveys

Topographic Surveys are used to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth or slightly above or below the earth's surface (i.e. trees, buildings, streets, walkways, manholes, utility poles, retaining walls, etc.).  If the purpose of the survey is to serve as a base map for the design of a residence or building of a subdivision, or design a road or driveway, it may be necessary to show perimeter boundary lines and the lines of easements on or crossing the property being surveyed, in order for a designer to accurately show zoning and other agency required setbacks.

Billboard Site Locations

Outdoor advertising displays, including billboards, have been in existence for decades. There are an estimated 450,000 billboards faces in the United States. Outdoor advertising displays are currently regulated by federal, state and local acts, codes and ordinances. In the early years, billboards were installed without regulation.

A sign survey is also critical if your customers’ objective is to update or retrofit an existing sign. It is well worth the cost of an inspection to get a true scope of work and estimate of cost prior to engaging in any work. The survey can often tell you if the existing sign or future sign placement is within the correct property lines even 30 feet in the air.


Before the surveyor even begins to measure the property some pretty in-depth research must be performed. The current title commitment is examined. The municipal and country records are searched for possible encumbrances. And the research itself provides some foreknowledge of the land and any possible conflict before the direct survey begins.

In other words, the ALTA/ACSL Survey is the Cadillac of boundary surveys and, like a Cadillac, is more costly than a plain old Buick of a boundary survey. In fact, it often covers more than the state standards. The ALTA survey is also held to very strict standards of accuracy. The allowable error in linear feet for urban property is about 1 foot in just less than 3 miles. In other words, for every 15,000 feet the survey can only be off by as much as 1 foot.

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