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Lane S. Bishop & Associates want to be your surveyor and ask that you give them the opportunity to provide you with a quality service at a reasonable rate.

The ultimate goal of providing you the client with the best overall service from start to finish is something Lane S. Bishop and Associates takes pride in and is continuously striving to improve upon. Each category contains multiple kinds of surveys we can do. If you know of the survey but do not see it listed, please give a call to discuss what we can do for you. Trust our 30+ years of Land Surveying experience.

Boundary Surveys

Do you need to know where your property lines are? Think jigsaw puzzle, everyone’s property must fit! Therefore, the distances that are indicated in your deed are only a small part of the puzzle. It’s what fits on the surface of the earth that counts.

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Subdivision Design & Layout

A subdivision design creates lots. We take large parcels of land and help you divide them up equally to create a beautiful subdivision where all the pieces fit together like a large puzzle.

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Site Plans for Building & Construction

We mark the location of proposed new structures such as roads or buildings and make that a reality. Construction staking is performed to ensure a project is built according to engineering design plans.

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Flood Plain Determination & Resolution

Our Flood Plain Determinations meet all federal regulations and we provide you with the knowledge and information necessary to determine whether flood insurance is available or required.

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Sediment & Erosion Control

If you sell your home or business is in a high-risk area, more than likely your insurance company or the new owners are going to want an Elevation Certificate to determine your flood insurance premiums.

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GPS Control & GIS Mapping

Geographic Information System (GIS) lets us visualize, analyze and interpret data to understand trends in digital form. GPS supports the accurate mapping and modeling of the physical world — from mountains and rivers to streets and buildings to utility lines and other resources.

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Boundary Conflict Resolution

A homeowner who knows the location of their property lines is able to use the information to avoid legal disputes. Erecting a structure, such as a fence, or using a part of another person's land can lead to lawsuits and unpleasant situations with neighbors.

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Utility Services

In the case of water, sewer, and gas, there is a complex structure of pipeline comprising of various diameters at various depths underneath the ground that are present. If a new piping network is to be installed then it is absolutely necessary to find out where the previous pipes are. 

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Boundary Line Insurance

Join our boundary line maintenance program and get annual or bi-annual inspections, pictures and reports or your property. This keeps the information fresh and prevents problems before they happens.

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Looking for a survey or boundary line identification?