Subdivision Design & Layout

Subdivision Design & Layout

Family divisions are exempt from certain subdivision regulations, provided certain criteria are met. Lane S. Bishop & Associates Land Surveying can help you through this process.

Quite often larger land parcel surveys consist of an end result of multiple parcels of land. Having a land division survey done is extremely important for tax purposes, future improvements or timber harvesting, as well as future sale or division.

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Family Land Planning

Lane S. Bishop & Associates regularly perform a significant number of boundary surveys for people who have inherited lands from their relatives. A need of a survey may be necessary because the new owner does not have a clear understanding as to the land they recently inherited. Some land owners feel a need to have a boundary survey of all their properties so their heirs will not have to take on this burden along with grief. we specialize in these family land planning surveys and can provide the client relief and security in finally knowing the extent of the inherited property.

Estate Divisions & Resolutions

You love your woods and you want to keep them in the family for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. But are you confident that will happen? A lot can go wrong. Children move away, or have no interest in managing the land, or with no single executor the woodland may get divided among the owner's heirs into fragments that are not ecologically viable. An important part of caring for and preserving your woods is planning for the future. And while that can sound like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be

Land Use Planning

Land use plans define where certain activities can take place and determine the effect of human impacts on the landscape.They are also used to assign special areas of spiritual, ecological or cultural importance for protection, and areas designated for development.  

In addition, land use plans are used to establish regional zones and broad criteria to help evaluate and screen project proposals as part of regulatory permitting processes. If you are a developer or a land user who will require permits, licences or other authorizations for land or water use, please refer to the relevant regional land use plan or community conservation plan as early as possible when developing your project plans.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is an analysis of the viability of an idea. The feasibility study focuses on helping answer the essential question of “should we proceed with the proposed project idea?

Feasibility studies can be used in many ways but primarily focus on proposed business ventures. Farmers and others with a business idea should conduct a feasibility study to determine the viability of their idea before proceeding with the development of a business. Determining early that a business idea will not work saves time, money and heartache later.

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