Utility Surveys

Utility Surveys

Utility surveys are required when there is conflicting utility information impacting design, when there are no records available or when a utility map needs updating.

We provide a complete account of record information and field conditions to locate existing water, sewer, gas, and communication lines; underground chambers/storage tanks; subsurface disturbances; and geological anomalies.

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Location Surveys

Lane S. Bishop & Associates provides many types of surveys. Along with boundary line surveys, we also provide location surveys. There are several types of location surveys as well. In general, the bulk of location surveys is a type of survey which depicts or notes the position of all buildings on the property with respect to boundaries, record easement lines and local law setback requirements and deed restrictions.

Layout & Design

During site development, Lane S. Bishop & Associates takes the engineer’s or architect’s design shown on their plans and stakes their correct location on the ground so the construction contractors can place the buildings, roads, fences, electrical and other underground utilities, etc. in their correct location. 

We provide construction staking services for a wide variety of projects, including: commercial buildings, residential homes, schools, landfills, road and highway projects, subdivisions and utility sites.


Telecommunication Tower Surveys

With the ever growing changes in technology and the vast need to send increased amounts of wireless information, the demand and concern over wireless telecommunication towers has also grown.

Telecommunication surveys encompass a broad spectrum of surveying services. Our knowledge of telecommunications and our ability to respond quickly and effectively enables our clients to meet constantly changing site, environmental or regulatory requirements.

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